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WordPress facts and figures.

 WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular platform for creating websites and blogs. The vast majority of websites are using it. The main reason is the fact that creating and maintaining a WordPress website is quite simple thanks to the numerous templates and features it offers. It’s not at all hard to create your own blog compared to other platforms, moreover there’s so much you can do on it.

1. 43% of all websites on the internet use the WordPress content management system.

WordPress is used to create standard business websites, blogs, and online stores. Because of the simple search engine optimization that this content management system enables, websites that use WordPress frequently appear high in search results.

WordPress is a platform for creating content-rich websites. It offers users many features to choose from. Its options are based on plugins, which allow users to customize their websites as they see fit. These plugins include themes and plug-ins that can be used with the theme. Themes are somewhat similar to templates and enable you to build websites from scratch by choosing a design template and editing it as needed

2. WordPress holds a market share of 64.2% for CMS.

A CMS is WordPress (Content Management System). Simply described, it is software that makes it simple and user-friendly to add, modify, or update material and information on websites without changing the source code. You don’t need to be familiar with any programming languages, such as PHP, Python, or others, because of the CMS. On the CMS market, there are three different kinds of this software. You can select software created specifically for a particular sort of website (such as blogs, shops, or portals), subscription services (like Shoper, Open Source), or a customized content management system (CMS) made to order with a special template and features.

3. Over 98 million people have installed WordPress version 5.9 to date.

 The WordPress is a publishing system based on the idea of blogging. The aim is to offer an interface that allows you to edit and publish your posts without the need of having to write them by hand. This program can be adapted by those who want to make it simpler, more productive or even more specialized depending on their needs.

4. WordPress received a score of 100 on Google Trends.

 WordPress 5.9 is such a massive update that it can’t be released all at once. Every now and then someone in the world implements this update, which means that we do not know how many are already installed. This number is changing all the time because every now and then someone in the world implements this update.

5. Security statistics for WordPress.

You can’t leave out security statistics while talking about WordPress. They can, unfortunately, be a little disturbing. Over 34,000 websites are infected, and nearly 25% of them utilise WordPress, according to a research by Sucuri. Because of the platform’s ubiquity and several security flaws, websites built on it are vulnerable to malware and hacker assaults. However, statistics show that 39.3% of WordPress-based websites were compromised as a result of out-of-date software. This demonstrates how crucial it is to consistently install the most recent versions of WordPress.
It is obvious that this significantly improves website security. Due to the possibility of data loss and website damage, many people can be reluctant to install updated versions. The only thing you need to do, however, is create a website backup before changing it so that you do not have to worry about losing anything.
For a very long time to come, it will continue to be the ideal platform for building websites and blogs.

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